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As a seasoned business journalist turned content marketing writer, I’m attuned to companies’ needs. I ask the right questions, throw myself into research, conduct interviews like a pro and boil the information down into a message that doesn’t just grab potential customers, but resonates with them.

I specialise in SaaS businesses, cybersecurity, travel (and travel tech), entertainment and sustainable farming. Although, having said that, I am versatile and open to offers…


Website content

If you wish, I can critique your existing website and write one that’s less likely to make visitors’ eyes glaze over. Alternatively, I’ll rustle up lively, engaging blog posts and/or emails for you.

Blog posts

Your website’s blog is vital, and not just for SEO reasons. Ideally, posts should be written with a newspaper columnist’s flair, driving home your message with distinctiveness and authority. Don’t be boring!


Case studies

There’s nothing quite as effective as a word-of-mouth recommendation, which is why you should run more articles about highly satisfied clients. Also, unlike computers, I’m good at interviewing people. 


Ghostwriting is about capturing a person’s tone of voice, be that for books, articles or speeches. Not only am I a published author, but I’ve interviewed everyone from Ryan Gosling to Boris Johnson.

White papers

The beauty of downloadable white papers is that they can bolster your authority for years to come. Writing one requires editorial skills and a methodical mind. Did I mention I’m a journalist with a physics degree?

Arts and travel writing

Hey, my twin obsessions! When I’m not helping businesses connect with Joe and Jean Public, you’ll find me dashing off articles about the entertainment scene and where in the world I’ve been sightseeing.

you need to publish compelling content on a regular basis. here are the top 3 reasons why

1. To boost conversion rates

With additional clients and followers, you’ll get more sales. To achieve that, you’ll need to sharpen up your brand messaging and positioning. How does your product or service stand out from the crowd? And how can we convey that most effectively?

2. To reduce bounce

Bored visitors produce dismal metrics. So, with the aim of widening your client base, how can we captivate your particular audience or niche? Is the problem perhaps that you’re focusing on complex details? Would simplifying your message help?

3. To drive more traffic

With the right content creator, you’re more likely to convince potential clients that they need your product or service this instant. As a result, everybody benefits. Your customers are pleased, and it’s a weight off your company executive shoulders!


David quickly grasped the most attractive features of our business offer and skillfully highlighted them. His style is sharp and easy to read. Working with David is a delight - always prompt and receptive. Best investment for any business.

Natalia Barbour, founder, Bureau Arcturus

Our website content was nothing short of fantastic. David has perfectly captured our industry through his writing whilst providing a communicative and straightforward service.

Helen Zagrovic, director at Inner City Digital

English is not my first language, my idea and my website needed a copywriter. I searched a lot, with bad experiences, until I met David. He took time to understand me and my idea, and in a few days I had the content ready in correct English, a marketing vision and help with SEO. Now I know where to go when I need content from a professional.

Roberto Luna, a Spanish-based conflict resolution expert and inventor of the Zoldy app

in the meantime, here’s my blog…

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